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Children learn to let their guard down at Camp Summit

We’re two weeks into camp and happy to report it has been a success thus far. Camp Summit continues to impact kids’ lives through our summer programs. We see anywhere between 30 to 50 kids each week and our mission is to get the children to let their guard down in order to learn about the love God has for them.

A big part of what we do is get kids and teens away from their negative environment and experience the love that our staff pour out for the campers. Camp is a time for our counselors to fill the children up with devotions and bible study while having a good time. We encourage kids to put down their cell phones so they can focus on each other and listen to what God wants to hear them speak. The kids get to know the cool college kids at camp and when they get back home they will stay connected with the staff. The relationships aren’t just for a week of camp, in some cases they will continue on.  These kids are truly forming relationships with our counselors who often will pick them up for church on their day off.

Each week we share important lessons for the kids to take with them even after they have left camp. Last week we spoke about fighting battles for their lives.  We shared what it means to fight a battle by living a life that God called us to live and being a good role model for our families. This week is called “selfie” where we are approaching the negative self-images that can come from bad forms of social media. We are teaching how God created us perfect and he didn’t make mistakes.

A particular high school kid has made an impact on us this year. He comes to the Youth Center regularly to get away from the distractions going on at home. He attended Camp Summit last week and had a moving conversation with one of our counselors in which he decided to devote his life and actions to Christ. He had a life changing moment and demonstrates good leadership potential for the others at camp. While he is concerned about returning to his home life, Camp Summit and our counselors will always be there for him through prayer.

We are looking for continued support through the public through prayer for the kids safety, the lessons we are trying to share and for the children’s hearts being open to Christ and our counselors. Remember all of our kids attend Camp Summit for FREE through sponsorships. Please continue to support our cause and know you can make a difference in a child’s life.

Help YouthHope make this summer impactful for kids and teens. Click on the link to send a child to camp this summer.